GNC Detox Drinks: Do GNC Detox Drinks Work?

GNC detox drinks

Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, CVS, all huge names that people know. People just love the convenience, which is why they are huge companies. But do GNC detox drinks, and other detox products work, or are they going to fail a drug test?

What I’m going to do here is look personally at the quality of GNC cleanse products for passing drug tests. I’ve reviewed most of them and even completed proper testing on them using home drug test kits over the years.

Basically, I’m answering that key question: do GNC detox drinks work? And if they don’t work, what are the best detox drinks out there that definitely do mask drug toxins so that you can pass a urine sample drug test?

Why Buy GNC Detox Drinks?

Oh my god, I got a drug test! What can I do?

You know there are detox drinks and pills out there, so you look online for the first places that come into your head. Or you go rushing off to a big store, usually a Walmart, something like that.

But you’re getting it completely wrong doing that. Don’t worry though, because it’s actually sound thinking.

  • These big chains sell things at low prices
  • Surely the detox drinks they sell will be the best?
  • Why would they sell products that don’t work?
  • They have moneyback guarantees and reputations to protect
  • They are hugely convenient to get things at short notice

Talking specifically about GNC detox drinks, there’s quite a few to choose from. You order one, you use it as instructed, then you fail your drug test.

The problem is guys, that any GNC detox products for drug tests are pretty much not recommended to use.

The reasons for this are pretty straightforward, but unless they are pointed out to you, you’d never realize:

  1. GNC detox drinks and pills are designed for general detoxification alongside a long-term natural detox. They are meant as “kickstart”, or “boost” products to get you on your way. They just don’t have the power to do what a proper detox drink does.
  2. It may shock you to realize that alongside not being specialist products for drug tests, there’s no way on earth that GNC, Walmart, anywhere like that would actually sell them. You may look at those specialist sites and think about whether they are going to scam you, but you’re getting scammed at GNC and Walmart 100%. They don’t want to get caught up in the legality around avoiding drug tests, so they do sell low-quality crap to the general detox market, which unfortunately also sucks in people looking to mask drug toxins.
  3. A lot of people don’t realize what a detox drink actually does. To explain to you, a detox drink only masks the toxins for a few hours. It doesn’t flush drugs out of your system completely. That means you have to get your hands on a detox drink that is powerful enough to flush out the toxins in your bladder, but also that contains the right balance of nutrients and minerals to replace what you flushed out so that your urine is clean of drug toxins, but still naturally balanced for a few hours.

detox drinks for drug test GNC

GNC Detox For Drug Test Products Reviewed

GNC and Walmart, Walgreens, all those places are stuffed full of low-cost detox products for high turnover. Maximum profit, while not making any claims apart from general speeding up the detoxification, which is pretty much impossible to prove unless you’re facing an ultimate test on that like a drug test.

I’m not going to go through all of the GNC cleanse drug test products, but I am just going to give you the highlights, so you can see what I’m talking about here.

  1. Herbal Clean Premium Detox

This is actually a seven-day complete cleansing pill course. It’s not a drink at all, but a lot of people get confused because Herbal Clean makes lots of other detox drink products.

Herbal Clean make one good product which I’ll talk about in a moment, but all the others are crap. The pills, the drinks, all available at places like Walmart GNC, they are poor quality and Herbal Clean Premium Detox is no different. It’s just a general detoxification pill. I reviewed it a while back, and if you’d like to read that review then click here.

  1. Total Eclipse Definite Detox

I’m going to be honest I’ve never reviewed this product. But just look at the name. For crying out loud, come on guys. But it’s a general detox drink that again, doesn’t have the ingredients or the potency to mask drug toxins and maintain urine balance.

On GNC there is only one review, and it’s one star out of a possible five. Looking at Amazon, there are three reviews, and they are all one star as well. That tells you everything that you need to know.

  1. Rely  detox

I ordered a bottle of this GNC detox for drug test drink about a year ago to test it. I followed the instructions completely and did a home urine drug test kit afterward, and I still failed.

So for me, Rely Detox is another stinker that is sold for maximum profit with no guarantees that it works at all. If you’d like to read my review of Rely Detox, you can click here to do just that.

  1. Herbal Clean QCarbo32

Now, this is the exception. I’ve already reviewed QCarbo32, so click here if you just like to read the detailed review. But it does actually work. It’s not powerful, and people have still failed using it fairly frequently, but it’s the best of a bad bunch of Walmart/GNC detox drinks.

If you’re in real trouble, you can grab a bottle of this at Walmart, or order it online quickly from GNC, it’s about the best of the GNC cleanses they have for sale. But it’s not reliable, it’s not 100% safe. Drug testing has moved on, and also there are far more powerful formulas out there now.

If you have no other option, and you can do a detox for at least 48 hours before the day of your test, then it could just work, but if you’re a chronic weed smoker, you view drugs quite a lot recently, then you’re chances are as good as tossing a coin and calling “heads”.

So Does Anything From GNC Work For Drug Tests?

Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of options on GNC, despite the deceptive amount of choice that GNC will offer you.

QCarbo32 is the best of a bad bunch, and even then it’s not hugely reliable. All the other drinks, pills, potions are general detox products.

I’ll also just talk to you hear about Herbal Clean. They make an awful lot of detox products, including QCarbo32.

The problem with Herbal Clean as a brand is that they just keep churning out new products and having a huge product range to try and maximize their sales.

They do about three different types of detox pills that are pretty much identical. In fact, I’m pretty certain they are identical, they are just repackaged to make another product. It’s this sort of nonsense that’s sold at GNC and Walmart because they just aren’t in the right marketplace.

Detox Drinks That Will Pass A Drug Test

Let’s talk now about how you can pass a drug test using really good quality detox drinks. Unless you’re desperate then GNC detox drinks are not any good, do GNC detox drinks work? Mostly no, apart from QCarbo32 as a last resort.

QCarbo32 costs 50 bucks at CVS/GNC/Walmart, which is pretty much the same price as the high-quality detox drinks I’m now going to tell you about, so why take the risk when you’re not even it saving much money?

But the detox drinks that do work are as follows.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

This is one of the most potent detox drinks on the market. It sold by Clear Choice, one of the most trustworthy specialist drug test avoidance product companies out there.

Instructions are really simple, and I’ve used this in a live drug test and using home drug test kits with it for the purposes of reviewing as well. It’s strong, and even for chronic weed smokers, it works a GNC detox drinks work

  1. Mega Clean

This is not as potent as Rescue Cleanse on its own. It’s not a detox drink you can buy from GNC, but it is sold by Walmart. But on its own, it’s not that powerful.

However, if you buy it from Test Clear, you’ll get six of their potent Toxin Rid pills bundled in free. This gives you the choice to do a 24-hour detox before the day of your test (always recommended to do at least 24 hours anyway), but during the last 24 hours, you can use the Toxin Rid pills to push out far more toxins that you can naturally. This makes Mega Clean incredibly potent, but it’s not so good on its own.

  1. Ultra Eliminex

It’s expensive, at around $80, but it is a very powerful solution. It’s made by Herbal Clean. Yes, I know I said that they were of poor quality, but this is the exception. It’s an updated version of QCarbo32 with a new formula, and it works.

In testing, I found this detox drink worked even without a 24-hour detox and worked for me as a chronic smoker. So it’s very potent at pushing out toxins from your bladder, and keeping the balance of your urine natural so that you would pass validity checks at a lab as well.