Quick Fix Review: Will It Pass A Drug Test?

Quick fix review

Quick Fix is often acknowledged as the best of the budget brands out there when it comes to fake urine. In this Quick Fix review, I’m going to tell you what the characteristics of it are that make it so good for such a small price.

But more than that, going to talk to you about if it’s complex enough to actually pass a drug test nowadays. There is quite a few Quick Fix failed stories online, and there is a question around how good it is nowadays, especially when compared to the more expensive and complex fake urine products.

So let’s get started right away by telling you exactly what’s in Quick Fix, how it works, how to use it, where to buy Quick Fix, and what the genuinely better Quick Fix alternatives out there are.

What Is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Exactly?

Quick Fix is a budget brand of synthetic urine that’s been around for more than a decade now and has always had a pretty good track record of reports online with people passing drug tests using it.

It’s made by a company called Spectrum Labs, and its current formulation is 6.2. So it’s frequently updated, and it does react to the latest changes in drug testing.

You can buy Quick Fix in two sizes. The standard Quick Fix is 2 oz in size, costs around $35. But there is a larger “plus” version costs around $40 for 3 oz of premixed synthetic urine.

So don’t get confused into thinking that the plus version is something different in terms of formulation, because I’ve seen that a lot online, and I think they actually try and upsell you by using that word. It’s exactly the same urine, you just get slightly more of it.

The Characteristics Of Good Quality Fake Urine

The bottom line is that fake urine is never going to fool a lab assistant and pass a modern digital drug test unless it’s pretty damn good.

That means it has to have at least the following minimum characteristics in common with real human urine:

  • Has to be submitted within the correct temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F)
  • Must look, and preferably smell and froth, like human urine
  • Has to contain creatinine, urea, and uric acid at a minimum
  • Must be balanced for pH and specific gravity

Quick Fix ticks all those minimum criteria boxes, including having a reliable heatpad, and for a very basic level of drug test it’s got the quality to fool them.

Quick fix review

Quick Fix Vs Sub Solution

However, when stacked for comparison against the market leader Sub Solution, there are a few issues.

Sub Solution is a far more complex formula, with 14 chemicals found in human urine in it, rather than the three in Quick Fix.

Also, Sub Solution looks, smells, and even froths like real human urine. Quick Fix on the other hand “sort of” looks like urine. If you hold up to the light, it’s ever so slightly green, and I’m not convinced that under that level of experienced visual scrutiny that it wouldn’t arouse suspicion. But for a very basic pre-employment drug test that is that will not face high level of scrutiny, it’s going to be fine.

The third point is around the heating part. The biggest reason people fail drug tests with fake urine is not the quality of the urine at all, it’s the fact that they don’t submit it within the correct temperature range.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad. Although this can be fine, the heat it kicks out can be variable, and sometimes a heatpad can fail by kicking out the heat far too quickly and then running out of energy. So the longer the time between you preparing the sample and submitting it is, the more chance there is of you struggling to maintain the temperature.

Compare that Sub Solution, which uses heat activator powder. This means you don’t have to worry about transporting the sample within the correct temperature range at all. Just tap some of the heat activator powder in just before you go into submit your sample, and it will raise the heat in about one minute.

But all things considered, and considering the price differential (Sub Solution costs $80), then for a basic pre-employment drug test, Quick Fix could be plenty good enough.

how to use QUick fix

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review

Let’s talk you through the instructions for using Quick Fix for drug test success now:

  1. As I’ve already mentioned, you have to get the sample to within the correct temperature range and keep it there. You got to methods to do that, the first is just to activate the heatpad, strap it to the sample, and let it warm up naturally for about 30 minutes. The heatpad is designed to emit heat within the temperature range needed to keep it legal.
  2. An alternative, to leave at the heatpad less work to do, is to microwave the sample a few seconds at a time until you get a reading on the temperature strip. Then you can strap the heatpad to it, and that should give you a couple of hours to get there and submit your sample.
  3. The third step for using Quick Fix for drug tests is to then strap the heatpad to the sample using the elastic band supplied, tuck it inside your underwear, close to your skin and in an area that will not face scrutiny, and put on baggy jogging bottoms to disguise the fact you are carrying it even more.

So as you can see, Quick Fix instructions are actually pretty straightforward. The real crucial issue is that temperature, and my top tip is that you should take a flask of hot water with you. Check the temperature just before you enter the building you’re going to submit your sample in, and if it’s cooled (it’s not as close to 100°F as possible without going over) then pour a little hot water on the sample to raise it a few degrees.

Does Quick Fix Work?

Does Quick Fix work, that’s the big question. The truth is that it does. But that isn’t a universal answer.

Quick Fix is a very basic formula when stacked up against Sub Solution, which is undoubtedly far superior.

If you’re facing a basic pre-employment drug test, a basic five panel test which has cost the company small beans, and you’re not going to get much scrutiny from the drug testing company, then it’s probably good enough.

I wouldn’t use it for that crucial drug test. That job you really want, that insurance drug test, or anything related to the courts of law enforcement. Good enough to cut corners when you don’t care, but not good enough for when it really matters.

Quick fix vs Sub Solution

The Main Reason For All Those Quick Fix Failed Stories

You’ll see a lot of Quick Fix failed stories out there. But that’s the same with all brands of synthetic urine.

Even Sub Solution has stories about people failing using it.

With Quick Fix, you can always assume that it could be because of the formulas and complex enough to pass close scrutiny. But you couldn’t argue the same with Sub Solution.

For me, it comes down to the fact that people are not submitting it within the right temperature range. I think when they get to the moment, they panic and don’t look at the temperature strip, and even if it’s cooled then they don’t know what to do about it.

As long as you check the temperature before you go in, and make sure it’s as close to 100°F as you can without being above it, then you will submit a sample within the legal temperature range.

Where To Buy Quick Fix

I would never advise you to buy any synthetic urine from general marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. There are too many fakes out there, and if it’s a private sale, sometimes they’ve been heated already, or opened in some way, and could have spoiled.

I would recommend you only ever buy drug test avoidance product from the official online store, or an authorized reseller.

You can buy Quick Fix plus (the full 3 fluid ounce size) from the official reseller that I do for $39 by clicking here. If you prefer the smaller to fluid ounce version, you can get that at the same place for $35 by clicking here.

where to buy Quick fix

Quick Fix Alternatives

As you probably already guessed, the conclusion of this Quick Fix review is that it’s good enough for a basic drug test, but if it’s anything more advanced, or you’ve got more money and you want more certainty, then Quick Fix is probably not your best choice.

You’ve probably already guessed as well that Sub Solution is going to be top of the list of the Quick Fix alternatives I will recommend to you. Sub Solution costs $80, so twice the price of Quick Fix, but you’re getting twice the product.

You can go one better. Clear choice, the people who make Sub Solution, have made an even better formula synthetic urine called Quick Luck.

It’s premixed (Sub Solution is a powder), making it even more convenient. It costs $100, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in complexity, and to get the safety and convenience of the heat activator powder, then Quick Luck is definitely the Quick Fix alternative you should be looking at.