How To Pass A Urine Drug Test With Baking Soda

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to pass a urine drug test then the baking soda method is something you will soon come across. What I’m going to do now is tell you how to pass a urine drug test with baking soda, or at least explain the method, and what the science behind it is.

I’ll give you the full baking soda drug test instructions that people use because there is some confusion out there. I’ll also explain what the basis for people using it is, and answer the key question: does baking soda and water really help you pass a drug test?

In addition to giving you the lowdown on the baking soda drug test method, I’m also going to cover three other ways that you can mask/remove drug toxins to pass a drug test, even at short notice.

What Is The Method For Using Baking Soda To Pass A Drug Test?

The baking soda drug test method is a home remedy. That means that you are getting your hands on simple everyday ingredients that have a reputation for being able to either mask, or remove, drug toxins in the body so that you can pass a urine sample drug test.

Put together, using baking soda to pass a drug test, or any other home remedy, you’re looking at the following benefits:

  • It costs you very little to do
  • You don’t need any specialist ingredients
  • Everything is readily obtainable from your local shop
  • Most people have these things in the home already
  • They offer an easy way to try and mask or remove drug toxins
  • Home remedies have built up a large reputation online for working

So they are ideal if you get caught out, for example. Say you’re told you’ve got to submit a clean sample tomorrow; you’ve got no time to get specialist products, or even do a natural detox.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test With Baking Soda

Baking Soda Drug Test Instructions

Depending on what site you visit, the baking soda drug test instructions will vary. But what I’ve done is look at the various most recommended methods out there, to give you a consensus set of baking soda instructions to try and pass a drug test:

  1. Get yourself an 8 oz glass of water.
  2. Add 3 teaspoons baking soda to it. It’s not going to mix very well, so I would recommend you try using one of those little battery-operated coffee frothers to get it mixed in as well as possible.
  3. Drink it, quickly. You’ll probably retch and gag, but you really don’t want to be vomiting because that’s going to dehydrate you and mean you don’t stand a chance of getting baking soda to pass a drug test for you.
  4. Drink another 8 fluid ounces of water if necessary, and make sure you urinate at least three times in the hour after you have drunk the vile concoction.

Does Baking Soda & Water Help You Pass A Drug Test

So, you’ve managed to drink the horrible mixture, you haven’t vomited, and you go off now to submit your urine sample. Will baking soda and water help you to pass a drug test?

The simple answer is no.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a simple fact. Let me explain why to let me tell you exactly why there’s not a shred of scientific evidence it could help you.

When you take drug toxins in, they race around your bloodstream, and then gradually work their way out through your urine mostly.

Depending on the type of drug you take, how much, and how frequently, it can take anything for a few hours, to a few days, and for chronic weed smokers a couple of months, for the drug toxins to all work their way out of your body.

There’s nothing in baking soda that can help to speed up the elimination of those toxins, nor can it mask the toxins.

Baking soda is basically salt. In the stomach, it’s no different from regular table salt. If I told you drinking salt and water would pass a drug test, you wouldn’t believe me. It’s no different with baking soda, there’s not a shred of scientific evidence it will help you pass a drug test.

On top of that, drinking all that water will mean that you dilute your sample. You’ll get rid of the chemical and waste material balance that is found in urine. So when you’re tested, the following things won’t be right:

  • You won’t have as much creatinine as you should
  • your urine won’t contain waste vitamins and minerals
  • The drug test will pick up on the fact that your sample is diluted
  • Your adulterated sample will have the wrong pH and specific gravity range

As you can see, learning how to pass a urine drug test with baking soda is utterly pointless, because you are just going to fail even worse. You might as well just drink normal water, and avoid the horrible taste.

Baking Soda drug test

Do Any Home Remedies Work To Pass A Drug Test?

The truth is that no home remedies work.

Using baking soda, pickle juice, various types of tea (green tea and Palo Azul are often mentioned), are all madness.

In fact, I will just warn you away from the ultimate madness called the baking soda bomb. It’s the method I’ve just described, but with a tablespoon of bleach added as well. That’s literally insane, and unless you are following the advice of Donald Trump to drink bleach, then it’s simply something you do not want to be going near.

The only home remedy that has any basis in fact scientifically is the Certo method. That’s because it’s a high-fiber method that can actually draw more cannabis toxins out through your bowels. But again, it dilutes your sample, and it doesn’t address the problem of drug metabolites in your urine, not even for a few hours.

Why do people recommend these methods? Well, partly it’s ignorance and they haven’t tested it themselves. Secondly, it’s to get you to visit the webpage. Thirdly, it’s because back in the old days before really detailed digital drug testing, you could more easily pass a drug test, and some of those methods could work (mostly just because a diluted your sample). But none of them work anymore.

home remedies for drug test

The Three Ways You Can Pass A Drug Test Guaranteed

But don’t worry, because there are ways that you can pass a drug test, even at very short notice. Don’t try and use rubbish like baking soda pass a drug test, there is simply no need.

Any of these three methods will work, but each has its own pros and cons. Just make sure that you get what you need in stock now. Don’t wait, because shipping takes a few days.

  1. Natural detox with detox pills

The absolute best way to pass a drug test is to do a natural detox. However, as I said earlier, it can take several weeks if you are a chronic weed smoker. Even if you are just an occasional user, you would be gambling if you had to do a drug test within seven days of last taking something.

You can accelerate things by up to 50% by using marijuana detox pills. I’d only ever recommended a high-quality detox pill Toxin Rid though. I’ve used them myself, and against a natural detox alone, they halve the time it took for me to get clean.

They aren’t cheap though, with the full 10-day Toxin Rid course costing nearly 200 bucks. But it’s a surefire way to pass because you are literally cleaning out the toxins for good. Just be prepared for frequent an incredibly weird toilet experiences for the first few days, and I hope you’re not squeamish about what comes out of your body!

  1. Synthetic urine

The foolproof way to pass a urine sample drug test, even with just 10 minutes notice, is synthetic urine. That’s because you simply submitting a fake sample, not your own urine.

The problem is though that you couldn’t use it for a supervised drug test. But most drug tests out there nowadays employment purposes are unsupervised.

Sub Solution is a great choice, or even better is its big brother called Quick Luck.

Quick Luck is premixed (Sub Solution is a powder), and uses heat activator powder. So as long as you are out of sight, you can literally get the sample to within the correct temperature range within two minutes ready to submit. It’s brilliant for on the job drug testing.

pass a drug test guaranteed

  1. Real detox drinks

Forget home-made detox drinks like using baking soda to pass drug tests, and buy ready-made, professionally constructed ones.

Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean, and Rescue Cleanse are the three brands of detox drink I’ve tested (using home drug test kits), and also used for live drug tests over the past few years.

You’ll need a couple of hours before your drug test. I’d also recommend you abstain from taking drugs for at least 48 hours before the day of your test if possible, as this will lower the number of toxins the detox drink has to deal with and lower the frequency at which they will start appearing in your urine stream again.

Just drink the detox drink, urinate frequently over the next hour, and then make sure you submit your sample within a couple of hours after that.

Detox drinks differ from home remedies like the baking soda drug test method, because not only do they flush out the toxins more thoroughly, but they also have things in them that are found in urine. So they blast the toxins out, but don’t leave your sample diluted because your body passes through some of the blasts of vitamins, minerals, creatine, to appear in your urine stream so it’s natural.