How To Find & Use The Best Synthetic Urine

If you’re thinking of using fake urine to pass a drug test then you have to get your hands on synthetic urine that is actually going to pass that test. That’s easier said than done unless you understand the basics of how you can actually pass a drug test using fake pee.

You’ll need to know which brands of fake urine contain the chemicals that a drug lab check for. You also need to know how to prepare your sample, conceal it, and most importantly, how to keep it warm: how to keep that urine sample within the correct temperature range to pass.

So what we’re going to do here in this quick guide to the best synthetic urine is tell you everything you need to know in five minutes, including answering that key question: does synthetic urine work? You’ll also learn what the top three best fake urine products are in three detailed synthetic urine reviews.

Why Use Fake Pee For A Drug Test?

If you’re thinking of using something to pass a drug test because you know would fail otherwise, then you basically have three ways to do that:

  1. You could do a full body detox. This will ensure you are genuinely clean, but it takes time. Maybe a week, but if you’re a chronic weed smoker may be three weeks. Even if you speed up the process using detox pills you aren’t going to pass any time soon.
  2. The second choice to pass a urine sample drug test is a detox drink. These do work well, but they are not as reliable as fake urine. Especially if you have a lot of drug toxins in your body, then there’s more chance of toxins leaking back into your urine stream pretty quickly, which would catch you out.
  3. The third choices fake urine. As long as you pick the right brand, and make sure you don’t get caught submitting it, then it’s almost certain to pass. It reduces your chances of failure down to less than 1%. Unless it’s a supervised drug test then using fake pee for drug tests is definitely the best way to pass.

The Best Synthetic Urine Contains These Key Things

So the thing is, it is absolutely pointless to submit a fake sample unless it contains the chemicals that the lab will check for to make sure it’s real.

But it’s not just about the chemicals it contains, it’s about the overall physical and chemical composition that that sample conveys to the person scrutinizing, which means you need it to have all of the following things:

  • It must contain your urea
  • The sample has to contain uric acid
  • Fake urine sample must contain creatinine (a byproduct of creatine)
  • The best synthetic urine will contain other chemicals found in real urine
  • Your sample must be balanced for specific gravity
  • The fake sample must fall within the pH range of human urine
  • It should look, smell, and even froth like human urine if possible

The more you pay, the more of those traits you will find. The basic urine products out there might not contain all of them, but at a minimum your fake sample has to contain your urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

Thankfully, the best synthetic urine brand contain far more than those basics, and I’ll unveil the top three recommended fake urine brands at the end of this quick guide three quick fake urine reviews so you can see which is best, and why.

how to use synthetic urine

The Biocide Problem

Let’s just talk about the biocide problem. Biocide is an artificial preservative used in many things, including some brands of fake urine.

If you want to use fake pee for drug tests then you have to make sure that it doesn’t contain biocide.

The reason for this is a couple of years back it was noticed online that some brands of fake urine were suddenly skyrocketing when it came to failure rate. You could see it all over Facebook and Reddit, with people complaining about the same brands that had previously been fine.

It turns out that a couple of the big testing labs, now most of the smaller ones as well, had realized that nearly every fake urine brand out there contains biocide as a preservative. So by testing for it during the initial validity checks, they could weed out most fake samples.

So the best synthetic urine cannot contain biocide on top of having to mimic human urine as closely as possible.

How To Keep Urine Warm And Submit Your Fake Sample

The truth is that the number one reason that people fail a drug test using fake urine is because the sample was submitted outside the correct temperature range.

The magical temperature range that human urine exits the body at is very narrow, usually between 96°F and 100°F. But legally, to allow for a couple of minutes of cooling, any sample that’s between 90°F 100°F is accepted by drug testing facilities.

To get your sample to the correct temperature, and keep it there while you transport it and submit it is very difficult, and it’s why so many people fail drug tests using perfectly good synthetic urine brands.

So let’s run you through how to prepare a fake pee drug test sample to pass every time:

  1. If it uses a heatpad you will need to warm the sample in a microwave to leave less work for the heatpad to do. Then strap heatpad to it, and monitor it for 15 minutes to make sure it stays within the correct temperature range. If you’re using heat activator powder you will need to prepare the sample in terms of heat, and I’ll talk you through that later when we discuss the specific brand of fake urine uses it.
  2. You then need to transport it. So you’ll have to discreetly tuck it somewhere it will not be found. The easiest way of doing this is to tuck it in between two pairs of underwear, and then wear either a long T-shirt or baggy jogging bottoms so that your crotch area is covered and doesn’t look unusual.
  3. Before you go into the testing building make sure that you check the sample temperature. If it has cooled, you’re going to need to warm it quickly. The best way of doing that is hot water. So carry some with you, and the ideal way of doing that is in a flask.
  4. You can only use fake urine in an unsupervised drug test. So you will be behind a screen, or even in a separate room when you pour the fake urine into the container. Just be careful you don’t make any unnatural noises when you do this.

how to keep urine warm for a drug test

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top 3 Fake Urine Brands

So submitting fake urine samples is really easy as long as you understand about the temperature problem, so let’s conclude this quick guide to the best synthetic urine by giving you three detailed synthetic urine reviews.

Does synthetic urine work to pass a drug test? Yes, it certainly does. But you’ll only get synthetic urine to work to pass a drug test if you pick a brand that contains everything we have talked about.

Each of the following three brands can pass a drug test. However, they are not all equal and the one you select the type of test you’re facing is important.

  1. Sub solution

Sub Solution is definitely the best synthetic urine brand out there. You don’t have to worry about how to keep urine warm, because of the fact it doesn’t use a heatpad, it uses heat activator powder.

The heat activator powder is a work of genius. You don’t even need to heat the sample in advance. Just before you enter the testing building check the temperature. If there’s no reading, meaning it’s cool, tap in about ¼ of the heat activator powder and agitate it gently until it dissolves. The temperature will rise an should be within the correct temperature range. If it’s not within that magic temperature range, just add a little more until it gets there.

So the heat activator powder does away with the heatpad entirely. You don’t have to prepare the sample, and the biggest reason for failing, a dodgy heatpad, is removed.

On top of that, Sub Solution is a very complex formula. It contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. But it also contains 11 other chemicals found in human urine. It’s as close to human urine as you will get.

Plus, it’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, and importantly it looks, smells, and even froths like human urine. That may sound ridiculous, but I’ve read online actual lab assistants stating that they can spot a fake sample a mile off because it looks wrong, or doesn’t froth like urine does when they shake the sample container.

The only downside is that Sub Solution is a powder. You will need to mix it with filtered water to prepare the sample. As long as you’ve got a water filter and two minutes though, you can mix the sample up into a clear fake urine solution.

So if it’s an important drug test, or money is no object then the $80 that Sub Solution costs is definitely worth paying. Unless you have a lot of bad luck then it’s easy to submit within the correct temperature range, and pass even the closest scrutiny in the lab.

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  1. Quick Fix

The best of the budget brands is Quick Fix. It’s only $40 which is half the price of Sub Solution, but you are getting half the power in that formula.

It contains your urea, uric acid, and creatinine, but nothing else. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, so it will pass basic scrutiny.

Quick Fix “sort of” looks like human urine. But it doesn’t froth like human urine, and if someone holds up the light, for me it doesn’t quite look like the real thing.

But it will pass a basic urine sample drug test, the sort of cheap ones that are commissioned for pre-employment drug testing. So if it’s pre-employment drug testing you’re facing, or it’s a drug test you’re not that bothered about, then Quick Fix is plenty good enough to pass.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad though. It’s a basic one, but I’ve tested them several times and they work fine for several hours. But as you know, the heatpad is another variable that can catch you out.

So for just $40, Quick Fix is good enough to pass a basic drug test. But if you are really counting on the sample passing scrutiny then Sub Solution is a far better option.

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  1. Monkey Whizz

Third on my list of best synthetic urine brands Monkey Whizz. Like Quick Fix it’s a basic synthetic urine formula. It costs less than Quick Fix though at $30, but you are only getting 2 fluid ounces instead of 3 fluid ounces in the Quick Fix premixed urine bottle.

Just like Quick Fix it’s also limited in formula. It contains the basics of your urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s balanced for specific gravity, and pH, but that’s it.

Some people say that they think Monkey Whizz look slightly better than Quick Fix against the light, a straw yellow color that’s like human urine. But I’ve also seen human urine that slightly green or red, so I’m not sure that’s a huge advantage.

Monkey Whizz is premixed, you just need to warm in a microwave and then strap the included heatpad to it. The heatpad is mostly fine, but I have read a couple of people online say that the Monkey Whizz heatpad failed them.

However, putting that all aside, Monkey Whizz is a good budget brand of fake urine. Again, if it’s a simple pre-employment drug test and you are careful about keeping it within the correct temperature range (remember that Plan B for a failing heatpad is using a flask of hot water) then it’s good enough to pass.

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But the conclusion of my synthetic urine reviews has to be that if you want to use fake pee for drug test success then you are probably best to spend the $80 and buy Sub Solution. Yes you have to mix up the powder, but the complexity of the formula together with the amazing heat activator powder that takes away all the problems around how to keep urine warm, makes it the absolute number 1 Best Way to pass a drug test.